Reinventing communication: next generation messaging platforms set to capitalize on blockchain technology

Most of us take digital messaging for granted, but it wasn’t too long ago that initiating free and instantaneous communication from anywhere in the world was something left to the realm of science fiction.  

As expensive international calling plans gave way to SMS/MMS and video conferencing, encrypted messaging apps like Skype, WhatsApp and Kik began to take center stage. Now communication is about to be revolutionized again by the payment, security and transparency features made possible by the global and open nature of blockchain technology. A new breed of “super apps” is poised to reinvent the category by integrating features people use daily, such as communication and payments, into a single platform where users own their own data and smart contracts ensure all parties are paid fairly for what they are owed.

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Cryptoassets: What the early-adopters know

While cryptocurrencies are still new to the general public, most savvy investors understand that digital currency trading has been a cornerstone of the global economy for decades. No national currency has been directly tied to physical assets since the decoupling of the US dollar from the gold standard in 1971.

Currencies, both the fiat and crypto variety, live online as digital transactions in the form of asset purchases, currency exchanges and individual transfers of funds. Their value is derived from their own supply and demand; speculating on their future value is a strategy that has built wealth for many investors.

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The Blockchain Effect: how will it change your life?

If you are on top of current events, by now you have heard of blockchain and cryptocurrency and the often confusing medley of messages touting the decentralization of systems through blockchains as the next industrial revolution — or news about overnight crypto coin millionaires whose fortunes can be hacked and stolen just as quickly as they were made. Underlying these nuggets of truth you will hear of unbridled energy and enthusiasm toward the exploration of new ideas and technology birthed by blockchain and crypto that will undoubtedly trickle down into big changes in the way we live and perform transactions.

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Watch: "This App is everything I want" - ICO Review

ICO Review Channel gave NYNJA a glowing review yesterday, below is a brief quote, click through to read more and watch the video to see what has them so excited about the project. 

"...I think the potential here is far greater than just the returns on ICO, I think if you're a creator or you're a crypto currency professional, advisor, CEO, member of a team; getting involved with this platform is going to yield you a far greater return on investment than just the token itself in terms of networking, in terms of the ecosystem of the way you operate your business and the way you compensate individuals in that ecosystem, I actually don't care too much about the returns on my initial investment. I just want to make this thing happen. That was a little bit ranty of me but I'm not sorry, it's nice to be excited about something that is popping up on the blockchain."

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Daniel BeachICO Review
NYNJA - A Global Messenger with a Built-in On-Demand Freelance Network

Marshall Taplits is the CSO and co-founder of NYNJA, a company that is building a global communications app featuring an on-demand freelance network. This network will allow NYNJA users from around the world to complete work or have work completed for them in real time. Once a user completes a project, they will be paid in accordance with the contract and in NYNJA’s own cryptocurrency- the NYNJACoin. The NYNJACoin is an ERC20 token that can be stored in any Ethereum wallet.

NYNJA was developed around the concept of “open unity,” which is the idea that individuals from around the world, while acting independently and in their own self-interest, can contribute pieces of work to ultimately form a cohesive product.

“The concept of jobs is changing, automation is coming…we need to free people up and connect people and make it very easy for people to communicate, and we need to do this globally….we need to move to a world where money is programmed, contracts are programmed…and finance and governance and communication all come together in one. The NYNJA platform is going to offer tools that facilitate that,” says Taplits.

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