NYNJA Introduces Actor and Producer Wesley Snipes to its Global Communications Platform at Restart Week in Puerto Rico

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO — March 30, 2018 — NYNJA Group Ltd. (https://www.nynja.biz/) hosted martial artist and world-renowned actor, producer and author Wesley Snipes at CoinAgenda Caribbean in Puerto Rico to demonstrate its global communications platform, which features an integrated messaging application and digital services marketplace powered by its own cryptocurrency, NYNJACoin.

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“When we first met Wesley, it was clear we shared a vision for how blockchain technology will fundamentally change the future of communication, business and entertainment,” said Salvatore “JR” Guerrieri, CEO of NYNJA. “We decided that this week’s events in Puerto Rico created the perfect place for us to meet each other and members of the blockchain community to learn more about how entrepreneurs are deploying this revolutionary technology.”

Snipes joined Guerrieri and NYNJA co-founders Marshall Taplits and Alec Gramont as the team showcased the alpha version of its platform at conferences and corresponding events associated with Restart Week, a weeklong series of blockchain technology and volunteer service events dedicated to the economic development and rebuilding of Puerto Rico.

Known for portrayals of iconic film characters like Nino Brown in New Jack City and the superhero vampire hunter Eric Brooks in the Blade franchise, Snipes is also a skilled martial artist trained in multiple disciplines, including Karate, Kempo, Copoirera and Kali. He is also co-author of Talon of God a critically acclaimed spiritual thriller and number one bestseller on Amazon’s Urban Fantasy Thriller genre.

More recently, Snipes has explored technology entrepreneurship and developed an interest in blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency applications. NYNJA is an ideal candidate for exploration of how he can share it with his global fan base and potential app users. During the conference, Snipes downloaded the alpha version of NYNJA, making him the first person outside of the company to test the preliminary features of the global messaging platform.

“With the debut of NYNJA at CoinAgenda, we’re introducing a new way to communicate and engage in commerce without the friction of cross-border and language barriers,” explains NYNJA president Alec Gramont. “As a veteran actor and savvy entrepreneur skilled in martial arts, Wesley understands the significance of NYNJA’s sleek app that packs a serious punch. We’re grateful for his experience and enthusiasm for our project.”

NYNJA unifies voice, text and visual messaging services with robust business management and e-commerce features, powered by the NYNJACoin financial ecosystem and ERC20 standard cryptocurrency. NYNJACoin allows NYNJA marketplace users to buy and sell goods and services, access exclusive groups and pay for proprietary in-group content such as licensed digital media assets or timed consultations with experts. Each NYNJA account can also be segmented for users’ social, consumer and business lives, and comes with a secure Ethereum wallet for international payment transfers without costly external payment providers.

“Our global technical team builds upon distributed ledger technology to unify commerce, communications, and governance in a single platform,” explains NYNJA co-founder and chief strategist of NYNJA Marshall Taplits. “In doing so, we believe we can help individuals and organizations operate in ‘Open Unity,’ an emerging socio-economic reality where security and privacy, agency, efficiency and reliability are not trade-offs but rather co-exist as integral elements of the system.”

“Our core team was in Puerto Rico, reinforcing our support for this wonderful island, which is a hotbed for crypto innovation, as well as to demonstrate the vitality of NYNJA and its potential to provide long-term solutions for today’s global communication and commerce problems,” said Gramont. “We’re taking this time to make some personal introductions to the app and showcase its fully functional, blockchain-enabled, fully integrated, global marketplace and payments system, which verifies commercial transactions and provides secure communications.”

Under development since Q1 2017, NYNJA will soon be available in a beta version. At launch,  NYNJA will be available on Android, iOS, and Web with native development of Mac, Linux and Windows versions to follow. For more information about NYNJA Group Limited, please visit: https://www.nynja.biz/.


NYNJA Group Limited is a Hong Kong-based company creating the first global communications platform of its kind. NYNJA combines voice, text and visual messaging with robust business management and e-commerce features, all powered by its own financial ecosystem and cryptocurrency, NYNJACoin. With NYNJACoin, users can exchange freelance services and virtual goods, as well as access exclusive content and earn tokens for viewing ads or using branded material. For more information on the NYNJA app, please visit: https://www.nynja.biz/.

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Daniel Beach