Frequently Asked Questions



What is NYNJA Inc.?

NYNJA Inc. is a company that has embarked on the creation of the world’s first fully-integrated communications application with its own currency and financial ecosystem.


What value does NYNJA provide to individuals and businesses?

NYNJA brings many unique benefits to both consumer and business users worldwide, including:

  • Combines all types of mobile and digital communications functions into a single application;

  • Offers global e-commerce platform, powered by a common global cryptocurrency;

  • Operates a tokenized, on-demand labor and virtual services marketplace;

  • Enables users to communicate in any way they choose, from any device;

  • Enables users to transact with each other to earn NYNJACoin and pay for services;

  • Increase workforce productivity; and

  • Eliminates unwelcome spam.


Who are the principles behind NYNJA?

The NYNJA management team is comprised of international business leaders from the technology and telecommunications industries. Our advisory board expands upon our expertise with a group of respected business executives whose global experience spans blockchain technology, finance and media.


 Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer - Salvatore Guerrieri

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer - Salvatore Guerrieri

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer - Salvatore Guerrieri



Co-Founder, President & COO - Alejandro Gramont



Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer - Marshall Taplits



Chief Technology Officer - Plamen Minev



What is the NYNJA Global Communicator?

The NYNJA Global Communicator is an integrated cross-platform communications application that combines voice, text and visual messaging with robust business management and e-commerce features in a single platform with its own currency and financial ecosystem.


What differentiates NYNJA from its competitors?

NYNJA is the first integrated application of its kind to combine a centralized telecommunications and messaging architecture with a distributed NYNJACoin payment system in a single platform. It’s patent-pending concentric wheel interface allows users to easily navigate across NYNJA’s many features, including the ability to move seamlessly between business and personal use.


How do I get access to NYNJA Global Communicator for my IOS or Android Operating systems?

NYNJA will be available for download on Google Play and the Apple App Store in 2018. If you are interested in participating in our beta test, please email


What is the cost to use NYNJA Global Communicator?

There is no cost to download and use the NYNJA Global Communicator. Additional features can be purchased within the app and users pay a small fee for processing transactions within the NYNJA marketplace.


What is NYNJA’s core Intellectual Property?

NYNJA has filed a Provisional Patent Application (Serial No. 62/562411) and a Design Patent Application (Serial No. 29/626.963) and is in the process of applying for additional Utility Patents around its core systems and methods for communication and the purchase of goods and services using NYNJACoin. The NYNJA IP also includes a new user interface design that both controls and executes system functions.



What is the NYNJA economy?

The NYNJA economy is the ecosystem of freelancers and sellers of goods and services that accept NYNJACoin.


What is NYNJACoin?

NYNJACoin is an Ether-based token which follows the ERC20 standard and serves as the currency that allows users of the NYNJA application to transact within the NYNJA marketplace.


How can I obtain NYNJACoin?

NYNJACoin can be obtained by participating in the company’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO). After the ICO, NYNJACoin can be earned for providing services and selling virtual goods within the application, through airdrop, exchanging with other users of the NYNJA Global Communicator and gifted by the Company through continuous use or referral.


What is the purpose of NYNJACoin?

NYNJACoin serves two primary purposes, including allowing users to access work as a client and pay with NYNJACoin, and for users of the NYNJA application to purchase and sell professional, creative and virtual goods and services.


What can I purchase with NYNJACoin?

The primary purpose of the currency is to purchase professional, creative and virtual goods and services from other members of the community. However, participants in the NYNJA community can also purchase communication and blockchain storage services directly through NYNJA, such as network storage on the IPFS network.


What problems does the NYNJA Global Communicator solve for individuals?

For individuals, NYNJA represents a huge leap forward in mobile communications, providing a single application for the management of a user’s entire network of social and professional contacts and powerful tools for communicating with them via text, voice, images and video. Users will spread NYNJA because they will experience the revolutionary functionalities it provides and will want to share this experience with friends, family and co-workers, earning NYNJACoin in the process.


What problems does the NYNJA Global Communicator solve for businesses?

In addition to its overall improvements in messaging user experience, businesses will be able to better communicate and transact in ways not possible with existing apps. Businesses will enjoy the following features, all organized in one secure system:

  • Separate personal & business accounts

  • Virtual board meetings and sales meeting notes and decisions

  • NYNJA currency and financial ecosystem

  • Calling - Messaging - Photos – Video

  • Conferencing - Data storage - File sharing


How will NYNJA transform the freelance market?

NYNJA will auto-assign freelancers to jobs instantly, allowing them to make better use

of their time, therefore maximizing their chances to earn money.


How will NYNJA ensure a high degree of quality within its marketplace?

NYNJA will curate its talent pool by establishing relationships with freelancers who have

proved themselves reliable on other freelance networks, via a skills test for each type of work they want to provide and by encouraging users to rate the work of each contract.


Is there a cost to use the NYNJA Marketplace?

Yes, NYNJA takes a small commission from freelance transactions, which are all recorded on the blockchain for transparency. This allows NYNJA to pay for CPU, storage and bandwidth to run the platform, maintain our development and to absorb Ethereum gas price for all transactions. To be clear, all other standard messaging services provided by NYNJA are free to the User.


What kind of wallet does NYNJA Global Communicator offer for the safekeeping of its users’ currency?

NYNJA features a secure, embedded Ethereum wallet that is generated when the account is created, giving users ownership of a private key with a fully-functional wallet with the option to maintain multiple wallets within a single NYNJA account.


Is advertising a part of the NYNJA Marketplace?

Yes, we are planning to introduce a wide range of innovative opt-in advertising products that will fundamentally alter the relationship between advertiser and consumer. For example, brands will be able to create themes and stickers which users can choose to install and share. In addition, users can earn NYNJACoin if they choose to receive messages that include advertising.


What is the NYNJA Virtual Goods Marketplace?

NYNJA users, either personally or for their business, can post coupons and other virtual goods to attract new and repeat customers. In addition, sticker packs (emojis) will be bought and sold to create community engagement.


What are NYNJA Groups?

NYNJA enables users to more effectively monetize existing audiences, such as charging for access to a group or content within a group or charging for time spent such as a lesson or a consultation.



What is NYNJACoin?

NYNJA is issuing its own token called NYNJACoin that will allow users to transact, earn money and pay for services within NYNJA’s own currency ecosystem.


Is NYNJA a security token?

No, NYNJACoin are not representative of ownership or equity participation in the company. NYNJA will not pay dividends and NYNJACoin holders will not earn any direct interest.


Is NYNJA a utility token?

Yes, NYNJACoin tokens are an integral part of NYNJA’s economy and can be utilized for activities within the platform.


When is the NYNJA ICO?

Our presale started on February 5th 2018 and will end prior to the public
ICO which is currently planned for April 17th 2018.


How can I participate in the NYNJA ICO?

All information regarding participation in NYNJA ICO can be found in our campaign website


How many NYNJACoin are being made available?

5,000,000,000 NYNJACoin will be made available of which 45% will be offered between the public and private ICO. For the entire token supply please refer to the whitepaper on our homepage


Is there a lockup period for investors?

Yes, there will be a reasonable lockup period which is to be finalized and posted on our website shortly.


Why is the blockchain important to the success of NYNJA?

NYNJA’s marketplace will enable business models previously unable or inconvenient to achieve with legacy centralized technologies.


How can I get more information about participating in the NYNJA ICO?

If you are interested in being involved or acquiring NYNJACoin in the pre-sale please contact or (for US investors). All other inquiries may be directed to



What is the NYNJA Protocol?

The NYNJA Protocol powers the NYNJA Global Communicator and it is an open-source specification for messaging and IOT applications. The NYNJA Protocol has been made open source for the benefit of the global community of developers and is available at


How will NYNJA be able to scale in the face of certain technical shortcomings of blockchain technologies?

At NYNJA, we are very aware of the challenges faced by Ethereum. We have explored the current solutions, one of them being Raiden Network ( This is a scalable solution for the Ethereum blockchain based on payment channels. Payment channels are a technique to allow users to make an unlimited number of transactions without committing them to the blockchain, except for opening and closing the channel.


How does NYNJA support the protection of users’ data?

NYNJA is committed to giving users ownership of their data in ways that are decentralized outside of the NYNJA Core system – even if it was originally created, sent or stored within NYNJA. In addition to storing files, images, videos and other content within the NYNJA application, users will have the ability to upgrade their content storage to IPFS for permanent storage within the IPFS network so it is accessible even without NYNJA.


Is NYNJA ERC20 compliant?

Yes, NYNJACoin will comply with the ERC20 standard and will be a token created on the Ethereum blockchain.


Is NYNJA KYC/AML compliant?

Yes, we understand the critical importance of Know-Your-Client and Anti-Money Laundering compliance and we are implementing a stringent KYC/AML verification system that NYNJACoin holders must complete before activating the token for use.


What kind of personally identifiable information does NYNJA collect?

We collect identity information, contact details, usernames and passwords and records of communications for the sole purpose of providing and improving upon our services, including verifying users’ identity, processing transactions, answering inquiries and to comply with all legal and regulatory requirements.


Does NYNJA share user data with third parties?

Any information we would potentially pass on to third party business and data partners can only be done with our users’ prior consent.


What is uPort and why is it important?

uPort integration is an exciting opportunity to enable NYNJA users to own their own identity within the NYNJA ecosystem. uPort is a self-sovereign identity solution on the Ethereum blockchain. Although currently in Alpha, uPort will likely become the standard by which Ethereum users manage their digital identity.