NYNJACom handles all standard messaging features such as text messages, voice messages, images, video and adds the following innovative features:


NYNJA Wheel: Navigate and engage with anyone and anything within the ecosystem using NYNJACom's patent pending concentric wheel interface.




Delayed Audio Messaging:
Schedule any audio messages as a reminder or just for convenience.


Delayed Text Messaging:
Schedule any text messages as a reminder or just for convenience.


Built-in Freelancer Market:  
Use NYNJACom to receive freelancing assignments from any part of the world and earn money fast through the NYNJA ecosystem anytime, anywhere.


Transfer NYNJACoin Fast and Securely: Goodbye long bank transfer times and its high fees! NYNJACom users will benefit from blockchain technology and will be able to transact with other users fast and securely.

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Communicate the Way You Choose: NYNJACom's suite of cross-platform mobile communications tools enables users to communicate in any way they choose, from any device.

Separate Your Personal/Business Messaging Accounts: With NYNJA you will be able to manage your personal and business chats and groups separately.




  • NYNJA uses the latest technical infrastructure to enable groundbreaking new mobile messaging features combined with an innovative marketplace and its own cryptocurrency
  • NYNJA enables anyone to buy and sell goods and services within a secure platform utilizing blockchain technology
  • NYNJA has a clear business model that generates subscription, transaction and sponsorship revenue from within its own cryptocurrency economy
  • NYNJA caters to both personal and business users simultaneously
  • NYNJA is global first, from product functionality to its experienced international team