NYNJACom is the first entry point into NYNJA's online ecosystem of freelancers and sellers of goods and services. Built upon a blockchain powered smart-contract infrastructure, the NYNJA ecosystem allows users to earn money in a fast way through the following markets:

  • On-demand Virtual Marketplace: Uberize your freelance services!
  • Access Marketplace: Membership masterminds, social group leaders, individuals in content marketing and online education will take advantage of NYNJACom to reach their target audiences.
  • Virtual Goods Marketplace: Individual users, local businesses and international marketing campaigns will use coupons and discounts to help drive new and repeat business both online and offline. Also, NYNJA users can create and deploy sticker-packs either marking them free as open source for private use, or selling licenses for corporate customers.
  • Opt-In Advertising Marketplace: Users can choose to earn money if their messages include branding (themes and stickers) they explicitly permit.